Monday, March 10, 2008

Remember the Pain, or Maine, or something

Baby flu: too sick to feel like doing anything; not sick enough to stay home from work, especially since I don't have any sick days

I know. Write down how I feel and use it in a story someday. Yada, yada, yada.

I ache. Hot. Cold. Small fever. Lethargy invades my soul. My fingers hurt. Cold sweat on my brow that feels slimy when I wipe it away. My back hurts. Where? All over, idjit! I blink, and my eyelids scrape over a moist yet still crusty layer covering my eyes. My nose is not sore yet, and I wonder when the body will stop creating this green slime. I don't swallow. My invisibly swollen throat won't tolerate the abuse. There is no nausea, yet, but there's an inch of water in a nearby plastic, and now I notice, puke green pale. It's enough to make one sick.

The fire's been stoked. It's back to bed I go. I owe. I owe. It's back to bed I go. I feel the brain cells slowing shutting down, and in my head I hear Sinatra singing, "It's my town; its' my town."


Larry Kollar said...

Get some rest, get some liquids, and get better, OK?

Anonymous said...

Gatorade (or some reasonable facsimile) and/or Pedialyte. Stave off dehydration--that's the ticket.

Get well soon!

Rick Bylina said...

It's Saturday and it's still with me only worse. I can't drink anymore liquids, I'll float away. Quick! Buy stock in Kleenex (J&J?). I'll get us out of the resession by myself. My wife worries that I might have west nile virus because she spotted a moisquito on my hand when I sat out on the deck in the warming sun for five minutes a couple of days ago.