Saturday, March 1, 2008

JK Rowling Betrayed?

JK Rowling feels betrayed by someone writing a lexicon of Harry Potter. But after reading the article, I'm not sure I understand her betrayal or the suit to stop publication of the lexicon. I almost buy the explanation that she's upset because she hasn't gotten hers out there first, and I'm going to assume that she has a bunch of helping writing hers just as these guys have had and maybe their site is, in a bizarre twist, even a reference for her. Madness, I tells ya. It's all madness. What thinks you?

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Larry Kollar said...

The downside of fame: people treat you like God long enough, you start to believe you're God.

Seriously. It's not like JK needs the money. Or even the recognition. If she has serious problems with the content of the lexicon, that's one thing, but the article says she's been pleased with the website it's based on (so that argument's out the window). If she's worried about losing control of her universe, there are ways to finesse the situation (e.g. she inspects the work pre-publication, makes some token changes, then "authorizes" the lexicon).

This is just making her look like a total greed-head.