Saturday, July 28, 2007

Who/what is your muse?

Simple question this morning. Who or what is your muse? What form does he, she, or it take? When did you discover your muse or are you still looking?


Ruth D~ said...

I don't know. The world? You inspired a blog post on this topic: Mystery muse~

My muse is there; he is elusive and invisible, but apparently omnipresent, when he's not playing hide and seek.

Anonymous said...

I don't know that I've discovered my muse yet, Rick, but I do listen to Jimmy Buffett music when I write. It reminds me that being serious is all well and good, but somewhere out there is a world of sunshine and tiki bars and flip flops. A dash of irreverence, a taste of tequila, a smile or two - it inspires and grounds me. Reminds me to not take myself so seriously.

So does that make JB my muse? he's been called many things before, but... :-)

Rick Bylina said...

JB has certainly found his muse. Saw him in Phoenix in 1980 when he had a broken leg. Still put on a great show.