Monday, July 23, 2007

MMWUC for July 23, 2007

EXERCISE: Lorin roller blades into the classroom. Rows of writers await her words, as she grasps the podium to stop before gliding out the exit. She clears the frog grasping her throat. An umbrella appears. She ignores it. Some guy in the front row with a devilish grin and twinkling eyes giggles. "Clear your mind," Lorin says. Writers without coffee comply effortlessly. Their drooling blank faces stare back at her. "Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and relax. For the next ten minutes, write from the antagonists POV, 'The first time ever I murdered...'"

MUSINGS: I only wrote 8,201 words last week. The effort to set up the blog took some wind out of the sails, and my count is short of the 11,669 words I promised myself and a cadre of other writers I would do for our mid-season self-imposed NANOWRIMO . It is an effort to inspire each other, string words together, create our diverse and individual masterpieces, and overcome the loneliness of the solitary writer, that is, except for fictional characters who argue with us. (Not now, please!) For if the writer doesn't do it, it doesn't get done. There is no assistant writer to paint a scene, secretary to create dialogue, or foreman to hammer out the action.

It struck me how I'm attracted to enterprises where I'm responsible for the ultimate success or failure: running, writing, gardening, alligator wrestling, designing and building my house, fishing, etc. Sure, you could partner for some of these activities, be on a team, higher help, but in truth, the foundation for your success lies on your shoulders alone. Writing success, however, has been elusive, but failure is not an option...a suit and tie in a cubicle with recycled air now seems a condemning environment no matter how exciting the actual work might be. I will prevail, even if I whine a bit on occasion. But I find our little nano experiment somewhat odd at times. If we're writers, what else would we be doing with our time but try to murder someone creatively, worldbuild for fairy godmothers, understand why women do violent crimes, search for truths in Vietnamese jungles, and tip a port-a-john downhill with our ex-significant other in it?

But the camaraderie is important, and I'm grateful for it. We can vent like John McEnroe or stay positively focused like Mother Theresa safe in the knowledge that we may be alone in our rooms, but we are never alone in the experience. By the way, I really don't wrestling alligators, only weeds (millions), squirrels (694), voles (12), raccoons (6), opossums (5), cats (4), rabbits (4), mourning doves (3), moles (2), and deer (1) that have gotten into my garden traps. It's time to do my alternate nose breathing exercises, and then write.

Congratulations to Joann K. for one more chapter. Christina C-R for finishing her novel. Terry B for mailing his out. Sally S. for getting her book off to her targeted agent. Kathy G. for getting hers off to her agent. Kimberley for a two book deal from Berkley Group. Progress...that's what I'm writing about. There's a lot of inspiration out there.

For the "hip" in crowd (dating myself), dates for the 2008 Writer's Retreat Workshop are May 23 - June 1, 2008.


Austin Carr said...

"It struck me how I'm attracted to enterprises where I'm responsible for the ultimate success or failure"

Some people, Mr. B, might mention the phrase, "control freak."

Not me. I would not risk being cut off from the old's best caramels.

Austin Carr said...
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Lisa Z said...

Hey Rick, great blog! I'm bookmarking you. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Excellent site, Rick! i love the layout, colors, etc. (Web developer talking).

Writer talkiing -- LOVE the inspiration. Your hooks of previous works were intriguing. i am so glad you will have these blogs online for me to go back to and muse on.

Neighbor talking: Your muse is alive and well. you write our updates every monday and keep us interested start to finish. Don't let your inner monologue keep you from the sexy minx that your muse surely is :-)

I'm with Lisa -- not only are you getting bookmarked - I'm sending the shortcut right to my desktop!!

Hugs and kisses :0)


Rick Bylina said...

Austin...You may be right. I am an anal retentive Capricorn of German decent born under the Capricorn sign. If you live to Christmas, maybe Santa will leave some caramels " your socking hung up with care."

Cindy (wallmate) and Lisa...thanks muco. "Spread the word, at last, the wicked old which is dead." Idle thought from my head that means nothing.