Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Book Review: Storm Surge

Storm Surge by J.D. Rhoades has a strong plot, but with one unbelievable twist - timing a burglary to occur during a hurricane. I'm sure that point won't bother many thriller readers. Go ahead and read this during hurricane season down at the beach, but it bothered this weather geek who knows you can't predict the path of even a category 5 hurricane two days in advance, and this burglary must have been planned long before that based on what happens in the story.

This story does have going for it Max Chase, if that's your real name, and a mother/daughter team that has enough backstory to make them interesting. The story hook is solid and should draw in any thriller reader. But I must confess I had some difficulty keeping the bad guys straight during the start of their misadventure.

Living near the North Carolina coast, I enjoyed the realistic portrayal of events during the storm's rampage, though for the life of me, I'm not sure why the various characters in their run-a-bouts weren't piercing by flying debris to the point at which they were fully imbedded pincushions. This is a solid read, but the next time I meet J.D., I'm going to scold him for the minor spelling and grammar errors. A solid 4 that can blow some people away--if you deserve it.  

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