Thursday, January 31, 2013

Book Review: Murder Most Academic

Bonus Review this week...Murder Most Academic by Alicia Stone

Read the ARC. Former call girl and now a History Professor, Trinity Pierce, is a survivor. She's a loyal friend, solid colleague, and now must morph into a detective for the sake of a friend's request despite the danger that exposing someone else's past can have on her buried former profession. The great writing makes this slim novel fly by, making it a perfect read at the beach, on a plane, or while some boring professor drones on in the classroom. This is a solid mystery delving into two worlds that don't usually cross paths: prostitution and academia. It's a delicate balance that the author carries off with style. The twists will keep you looking over your shoulder as much as they do for Trinity, and the danger to her current life grows as the story progresses. Can Trinity catch a kidnapper and murderer, and save herself? Read, find out, and be surprised. First book for 2013 to put the little piggy toe into the 5-star rating camp.

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