Monday, October 15, 2012

MMWUC: Fat Wallets and Young Dragons

Ten Dragons
What's in your wallet? $44, an old Hibachi China Buffet receipt, driver's license (with bad pic), picture of my sweetie at 17, and these cards: emergency medical identification, prescription drug, BC/BS, donor, American Airlines D2, choice privileges hotels, Sam's Club, AARP (yeah, baby, discounts I've earned), two library cards, Quail Ridge Books Readers' Club, membership to Mystery Writers of America, Supercuts (get 8; 1 free - last used 2010), and my credit card. Pretty boring, but I remember why. Big wallets in men's back pockets make for uneven derrieres and that can cause nerve damage. I need to slenderize mine. I pull out the MWA, one library, insurance cards. I can't remember the last time someone stopped me and asked if I belonged to the MWA. The one library card is for a different county. Used to stop there when I worked the census during breaks, and while waiting for elusive people to come home. My driver's insurance is in the car. Why carry another one. I ditched the receipt, but I love that place. I suppose I can dump the AA D2 card. No one asks for it any longer.

The Dragon's Call
Yes, a boring Monday Morning Wake-up Call, but, but, you've found the wallet on the ground. What story comes to your mind? How would you reconcile the older stuff (AARP card) with the picture of a young woman? Would you recognize this person as a writer, who despite a Supercuts card, has a bad haircut on the driver's license? Do you keep the money? Or, do you make efforts to get the entire wallet, intact, back to the owner because: (a) you remember how bad you felt when yours was lost and want a rewarding feeling, (b) you remember how bad you felt when yours was lost and need to make up for it with the case, (c) you're afraid you're in a sting, (d) you're germaphobic and now are flipping out, (e) you laugh and look around for cameras, or (xyz). You pick up the wallet, and snicker, thinking, "Loser..."

Flank Hawk
Before you can finish the thought, a dragon scoops you off the ground, you scream, drop the wallet. The dragon lands in a nearby 1,000 year-old oak tree and turns to the other juvenile dragons. "See. Easy pickings. I can smell and spot a loser from a mile away. Bon appetit."

Remember that the next time you're thinking about that wallet on the ground. Think good thoughts. My dragon friends will be watching and sniffing the air. They are magical, you know.
Tiny though I be, appetite large.

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Kw mccabe said...

Rick! You're a treasure :) Thanks for the book posting lol