Monday, August 20, 2012

MMWUC - I'm a Meany

I'm a meany. I have an account on the Internet WritingWorkshop (IWW), one of the 101 Best Writing Sites and one of the oldest critique sites on the web. I've been submitting my latest novel chapter-by-chapter for review for several months now, trying to work out the kinks. I'm a great story idea guy, but some of the writing mechanics fail me in spectacular fashion, so I need help. I flog the readers with many chapters per week. Still though, like an army recruit, they keep yelling, "Yes, Drill Sergeant. Can I have more?" And I deliver.

Carole's Vision
Now, the end is in sight. Only four chapters remain. I worry about them--not the chapters, the readers. What will they do with the rest of their summer? When autumn arrives, will they find themselves running inside from work or play, from family and friends, from the onslaught of raining leaves only to remember they have already read THE END? Will there be enough chocolate cake for them in the local bakery to ease their depression?

And what gloom does winter hold for them? Sure they have their own novels to write, edit, revise, and submit for critiquing. But after my story, what magic will the holidays hold? Will they be able on New Year's Eve to pop the cork on a bottle of champagne or just sit there like Lieutenant Dan and wonder what's it all about?

Please, sir. can I have more?
Sorry, I can't keep up this self-absorbed BS any longer. I'm so freaking happy I'm at the end of this go-around of revisions that I gave Sydney Grape Nuts yesterday. He went to Nirvana eating them. And I'm so happy that so many nice people provided such assistance. They praised when necessary and slapped me silly when I got lazy. They made some good suggestions that strengthened the story, and let me know when I'd hit an emotional nerve--good or bad. Carole even went so far as to make a faux cover for my novel. It's not bad.

Do I have a point? Yes, I do. If you are going to self-publish, get thee some mentors and some honest sounding boards so you don't delude yourself into writing something that only your twelve cats, family, and sixteen closest friends will like. If you have a story worth scribbling 60,000 or more words about, make it the best it can be. I want to read those stories. I can think of no better place to excise your own writing demons then IWW. Writing is almost always a solitary activity; revision doesn't need to be, and for most writers, shouldn't be.


Kw mccabe said...

Congrats Rick!
Reaching the first round of revisions must be awesome- I've yet to complete my first round lol.
Awesome job :)

Are you going to query or self-pub?

Rick Bylina said...

Probably self-pub again. I don't want to wait until 2014 or 2015 to see this book come out. I have other stories on the shelf for agenting. Thanks for dropping by.

Carole Lane James said...

I must admit I've worried about 'Secrets' winding up. Opening my inbox and not finding the awaited next chapter will be a let down. For me, your talent has stepped it up with this one and taught me many lessons as well along the way.

Thanks for the publicity on the cover, but that was never a finished product, lol. There are other Secrets floating around in my digital files. The story was impelling from the start and you haven't disappointed throughout. I hope my meager suggestions have played a small part along the way, I've certainly enjoyed the trip.

It should be a hit!!

Michele R said...

One assumes you will regale us all at IWW with another novel, no?

Rick Bylina said...

Thanks Carole for all your help.

Michele...The problem isn't will I; the problem is which one.

* another Stark mystery

* a book prominently featuring Sydney

* something else?

First things first. SECRETS has much work left to it...and then BATHROOM READING. OMG! My mother is going to be so embarrassed.

Stay tuned; same batty channel; same batty station.

Unknown said...

You are just a writing fool, aren't you. JK. I'm your fan for sure.