Monday, August 6, 2012

MMWUC: Chocolate Chip Cookies Create Chaos

The smell of chocolate cookies baking is messing with my concentration on writing, editing, and critiquing. How can I be on a diet and she be baking the most chocolate-filled, chewy, yummy, and huge cookies. It's all about good and evil. The good of chocolate versus the evil of calories, but I digress.

I was writing about writing, which I found out this week that a blog that writes about writing is as boring as a day without chocolate chip cookies, and the secret ingredient is not lard. I measured it. She didn't dip into it or even try to be clever by taking an even scraping and then smoothing it out to look like nothing was taken. No. I've gotten smarter over the years. I also weighed the canister, not to the ounce, but the gram. It was the same as before.

Before. Yes, the sage advice about not writing about writing seems a bit silly to me because, I suspect that most of the people who come to my blog are there on Mondays to get inspired to write, on Wednesdays to find a book review about a book they might like to read, and on Fridays to see what other writers have to say -- whether they agree or disagree with other writers while secretly (or not) promote their books. They should always be promoting their books and let the readers decide whether to crown them with glory or drown them in gooey delight. Oh, damn the cookies.

I know you didn't come here for the cookies, but they're out of the oven now. They call louder than any werewolf howl (wouldn't you like a werewolf who howled like an opera singer?), louder than any Herculean siren, louder than the blast from the nuclear power plant when they're having a drill. But, you don't come here for the cooking, whether it be the chocolate chips or caramels or my veggie eggs or my turkey gravy that could make Chef Ramsey give up swearing. You come for writing advice.

So, here it is: Writers write.

Still Outselling Me :-(
But I'm hungry now, and a well-rounded writer has other interests. Like soft chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven. Aren't you glad that the good triumphs in most books -- well, except Rosemary's Baby, but he didn't have chocolate chip cookies. That's just plain evil.

And what are you doing right now?
- - -
Yeah, still trying to fill up my calendar with guest bloggers. Email me.


Carole Lane James said...

On a diet myself these days, in preparation for a 40th HS Reunion, I feel your pain Rick.

Of course right now, I feel compelled to start baking...your nemisis.

Kw mccabe said...

Those cookies would sound awesome to me if I ate chocolate :) I haven't since I had disastrous run-in with a large ultra- fudge, dark chocolate brownie that didn't like me at all.

Ah well, enjoy those cookies :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your choc-aholic side keeping you from spending all your time on the rest of your writing plate.
From another choc-aholic,