Friday, July 20, 2012

Guest Blog: Fishing Stories & Fiction by Kim McMahill

Marked in Mexico
Fishing stories. You’ve heard them, and the concept has become synonymous with exaggeration. Not in a malicious way, may I add, but rather an innocent event that after countless retelling and time has morphed into something much more interesting and exciting than the original.  The three-pound fish that took five minutes to reel in eventually evolves into a ten pound fish which battled valiantly for nearly half an hour before conceding defeat to your superior skill.

Reality can make...
This is how many of my real life adventures have sneaked into my romantic suspense novels. I’ve explored numerous Mayan ruins tucked into steamy bug-infested jungles in several countries, yet I’ve always managed to avoid ruthless kidnappers; I’ve pondered the current of the Rio Grande, sticking my toe in to test the waters, but have somehow suppressed the urge to jump into the churning mud and attempt an illegal border crossing; and I have ridden horseback down a terrifyingly steep slope while I clutched the horn with all my might and scenes from Man From Snowy River flashed through my mind, all without a single gunshot from a foreign enemy aimed at me or my trusted steed.

...for a great story.
So, file them away, every last one of those adventures, big and small, and maybe one day they will resurface and after enough repetition become the fodder for that next great thriller or epic adventure novel.
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Jayna Morrow said...

That's what I do. I take in everything and file it away for future books. Have you ever seen those shirts that say, "Anything you say or do can and will be used in my next novel?" That is so true!

Dean K Miller said...

It seems we are making up true fiction novels as we move through life and take notes...and then liberties with those notes.

As an avid fly fisherman I've never exagerated any story of the 1,000,000 fish I've caught that were at least two feet or bigger.

Kw mccabe said...

I haven't yet incorporated anything exciting from my life into my novels--maybe I need to live more lol

Unknown said...

Great advice, Kim! I've always been a people watcher and many of those poor souls have ended up in my novels or at least given me a great idea to start the next one. I count on other people because very few ideas originate in my brain!
Always good to read your blogs!

Bonnie McCune said...

Kim's life seems full of exciting tidbits. Mine's dull--and frankly, at this stage of my life, I prefer it that way. Having survived my daughter's harrowing adolescence, calls from the police, run-aways, and less-than-desirable boyfriends, I was grateful to sink into her adulthood. But life always is crammed with other people's adventures. Here in Colorado, we've had more than enough forest fires. Then today, a mass shooting in a mall. It's wonderful to tap into the news and then be thankful for peace and quiet. Bonnie McCune, author, "A Saint Comes Stumbling In"