Monday, September 12, 2011

MMWUC - Do Writers Really Vacation?

I don't think writers really vacation. How can you? I'm here in the northern woods of Wisconsin. A placid lake reflects sunrise's promise of a gentle warm day when a hodag emerges from a nearby cave and devours a carelss chipmunk, chirping like a leaky faucet announcing a call to a breakfast he'll never eat. But this is a baby hodag and an eagle swoops down to carry him off for her babies, born too late in the year though they are nearly as big as she. Excuse my wandering mind.

Chipmunks chatter
Echo leaky sink
acorn clatter
noisly kerplink.

Old cabin groans
legacy years past
honeymoon moans
ensuring it lasts.

I really need to get some food in the cabin, but this is story, and to keep the tension high, a cannon goes off deep in the woods. I'm under attack from the boy scout camp down the road. They're actually zombie boy scouts looking for little old ladies to help across the street and chomp down on their well seasoned brains (don't get mad at me! that's what zombies do). They're in luck. Four octogenarian women are coming to visit me for five days and extol the benefits of blue hair, walkers, and favorite memories of hodags they have known. Perhaps therein lies inspiration for the next story. I guess writers really don't vacation.

And how are you falling into your next story?

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Bluebethley said...

Good morning, Rick. I fall into my next story with fits and starts. First, butt in chair. Every morning. Then work on the current longer WIP, which is, by the way, coming along nicely this week. Next, check for prompts. Sunday Scribbling sometimes. IWW's PRACTICE, always. Phrases come along. This week, it's "The Doppleganger Wife" (back story complicated). And my poor (yet brilliant) husband listens nearly every day to my recap. I'm not blogging as much. It feels like everything is underground, working on conflict and character. On the brighter side, I finally learned how to port ONE PROMISE TOO MANY from the computer to my Kindle and I'm knee-deep in Detective Stark. He's a likeable character, and I'm enjoying the read, even if I can't use a bookmark. Write on even from the woods!