Monday, July 18, 2011

MMWUC - The Copperhead vs. The Carrot Top

I worked in the garden yesterday. Not shocking since I work in it every day. It's a nice break from staring at the computer. On the good days, ideas come together in a magical fashion. But that mental exercise can come at a price. The somnambulistic gardening work progressed while my mind played with the possibility of an alien detective on his home planet, which has different morals and laws than humanity, worked a murder case. I reached for a clump of badly decayed leaves bunched in the spring onion bed and grabbed the tail of a copperhead snake. I'm a red-headed, fat, tired, lazy, semi-old man with arthritis, gout, bursitis, cancer, poor eyesight, a bad cold due to cough, and a six-inch white man's jump, but Bob Beamon never jumped as far or as fast as I did. The battle with the snake lasted 2.2 seconds. I beheaded it with my trusty hoe. Now, some may say that the snake was just doing its thing, but he should have done it elsewhere. Black snakes, garter snakes, and even hog-nosed snakes I'll pick up and move out of the way, but poisonous snakes enter the yard at their own risk. Can't they read the signs I have posted? By the way, the snake gave me an idea to incorporate into the story.

So, the question is: So what's the biggest shock you've ever given your protagonist?


Anonymous said...

I hate snakes; have a fear that makes Indiana Jones seem brave.

So, one of my characters, a Border Patrolman on survellance, is laying on his stomach when a large rattlesnake rises up in front of him in an eye to eye confrontation. The snake strikes as our hero lobs he head off with a machette. Only the venom from the fangs goes straight into our hero's eyes, blinding him. Our hero spends several days blundering about in the wilderness, unable to see and ends up in a gunbattle.

Brian Stewart said...

the physical description of yourself is a mirror image of myself...LOL way to I kill the puff-adders, black mambas and cobras! I leave the pythons etc.

Rick Bylina said...

Yikes! Blinded and in a gun battle. That's gotta smart.

Yes, I too have no desire to get thin by being squeezed by a phython.

FARfetched said...

I'm not a fan of poisonous snakes either, but I got a little sympathy for them this afternoon when I learned that they developed venom to keep possums from eating them. Possums have amazing venom-resistance though. Only the good die young, eh?