Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No fooling

It is April 1st, and I was going to have an April Fool's post announcing that I've sold a novel, but I figured the only person that would be a cruel joke on would be me.

Bracketology: 69 points. Pathetic, but I had three of the final four correct.

Too soon to complain about the four days of drippy weather? Not me. After 18 months of the Carolinas doing their imitation of the Sahara Desert, I'm just fine being a bit damp while doing some outside chores. Besides, I always seem to be quite productive from a writing stance in dull gray, wet, windy weather. Must be the negative ions. Now, if I can only find the spine to the latest story, I'd be more than happy. But I am happy nevertheless. I think I've hit upon a format for a mystery series that I haven't seen out there yet. Yeah, I know, read more Rick, you'll find its already been done...ah, but is it like mine. More on this later in the summer.

So, come on now. What are you up to with your writing?


Larry Kollar said...

The answer to that last question has to be: not a whole lot right now. I've got a two-fer this week ready for FAR Future, and the follow-up for next week. But after that, I have a new cycle in the story to begin. I'm not quite sure how it begins just yet. Perhaps a week on the beach (next week, yay!) will inspire me.

Anonymous said...

My book came out today and I've got copyedits on the horizon and I really don't know enough about my victim to write on the WIP.

I need to get off the internet and get back to work.


Anonymous said...

About the same as ever with my writing: not making enough progress on a story I'm not sure is worth the trouble or will ever be marketable. That's about normal for me (and many other writers as I understand). I'm pretty excited about other writing ambitions though.